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SyTeQ - Midnight Snowfall SyTeQ - Midnight Snowfall

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

awesome, to say the least

I really enjoyed the beat in the beginning and pads sounded great as well. I basically enjoyed everything about this song, especially the piano

However, the only problems i have:
1) 1:47, I would add another instrument (preferably a guitar) to change the instrument thats carrying out the melody.
2) the breakdown, to me seemed a little too long, but that might be just splitting hair.
All in all, a really cool song.

Jazz-Guitar Solo Jazz-Guitar Solo

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

i dont get it

not to be harsh or anything, but whats the point of this post? Skilled and talented you definitely are, but i just dont think people should start posting their "jams" up here. I would say work that into a song, with more involved in it.
Also, just a suggestion, if you are playing around in the II-V-I progressions, try Hungarian minors, you might have to tweak around with some notes, but they make the "jazz" sound turn into a very weird sound instead.

VisionsOfDoom responds:

Well.. this is a Song. The words "Jazz" and "Jam" are somewhat synonym.
If you dont get this, I guess your head would explode if you listened to some of the stuff modern Jazz and Classical musicians are doing.
I know the Hungarian minor, I just decided it wouldnt fit into the overall mood of this song. After all, the emphasis lies on the major tonalities here, in a song in a minor key I would certainly make use of the hungarian minor sometime; i might even exclusively use it if I think it's approprate.
But atm, Im more into that inside-outside stuff and whole-step scales.

Jazzy, Funky Zombies Jazzy, Funky Zombies

Rated 4 / 5 stars

[Review Request Club]

ok, this song has a lot of potential and i do really like what you have i do have a few suggestions though if i may..

what worked:

1) The progressive nature of this song is pretty awesome. The vibe you created with the synth was awesome and the bass just following is pretty cool as well.

2) The end is perfect too, I would suggest adding a distorted guitar though... some power chords can do this song wonders.

3) In my opinion this can be taken to a whole new level if you want. IMO, the riff at 1:23 can be played again later on a guitar and have the song progress with that in mind instead of the synth. It might end up being like 8 minutes or something but that is a pretty good length of a progressive jazzy song...

what did not work:

1) The drums seemed out of place most of the time and did not sync up right.

2) This song is felt like a half told story, i am left wanting more to a point of trying a post-metal cover of it or something. In other words, work more on it because right now it seems like a sweet jam session. You need to make it a song.

hope that helped man..


[Review Request Club]

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Birdinator99 responds:

Thanks for your review!

The drums were done in swing, by the way, and the synths...uh...weren't lol. Point taken.

When I try to do solos, it usually turns into a jam-like song (not a song really lol), so I guess I should work on that.

Otherwise, thanks for the positive feedback! I like that word, "potential". 2nd time I've heard that being used to describe one of my songs...hmmm...

musicmachine - cover musicmachine - cover

Rated 4 / 5 stars

not my thing BUT...

even though i am more into post-rock/metal, the bass clicked a lot with me. So take my ''criticism'' with a grain of salt. So it is not the kind of music I necessarily listen to, but its still good.

what worked:
1) like i mentioned already, the bass line is really good on this. Very subtle but still the most dominating part of the song, atleast for me.

2) the synth is well done too.

3) the vocals work for me right now because of my altered state of mind (besides the whispering part i think).

what didn't work:

1) the mixing could've been better. The drums seem to be not synced up (volume).

2) the lyrics just seemed not really ''composed'' but more of an improv.


[review request club]

loansindi responds:

Well like I said in the description, this is a cover, and the lyrics were released by the original band for a 'remix' contest, so those aren't mine at all.

Thanks for your comments though, I was a big fan of the bass in this one.

As A Bird (WIP) As A Bird (WIP)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

review request club

im gonna save you all the ''drummer problems'' comments because im pretty sure you have heard enough of them. I do think I understood what you were going for. It sounds like (the drums) videotape by radiohead, but that is only because of the drums and guitars being completely off-beat from each other.

I dont know if you might take offense to this, but this song has the same chord progression (vocals and guitars) as ''Half the world Away" by Oasis. But that was the reason I enjoyed it, (brought back some sweet Oasis memories).

So yeah, I am looking forward for you to upload a different version of this song.

{review request club}

StickyRemnant responds:

Haha, yea, I've already destroyed the drum audio file! ;)

As for Oasis, they are (or were) one of my favourite bands and, like others, have obviously influenced me, which seems to come out in this song the most. It does sound similar to Half the Word Away (or atleast the verse does) I'll give you that, but the chords are different (I think the only chord used on each song in the same place is the first chord - C). The instruments used and the rhythm probably make it sound more similar than it technically is?. I'm glad that it reminds of an awesome song tho (One of my favourite Oasis songs) :)

I appreciate the review. Cheers

Watch It Burn (WIP) Watch It Burn (WIP)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

review request club

This song is a lot different than the one i reviewed yesterday by you which is really cool considering you still have the same staple sound from your band. Even though the lyrics do seem to be generic (like Jenbells mentioned), but that kind of adds to the Cajun Dance Party feel to it.

*what worked*:

1) The clean guitar in the background that basically set the beat and the tempo to the song. By 1:15, I started taking that guitar for granted but then it goes through subtle changes.

2) The bass is very subtle for this song, but it is playing exactly where I wanted it to.

3) Your voice just absolutely works for this song and others that I have heard from you. I enjoyed the transitions you go through throughout both the songs.

4) Though it seems to be not too special in the studio version, I would love to watch you guys play this song live or something. This seems like something that you can change around so much in.

*what did not work*

1) The song does not seem to be carrying a meaning and if it is, it is not conveying it clearly enough. It seems very Kurt Cobain-esque that the lyrics seemed to be written on a piece of scrap paper while drinking in a bar or something.

2) The transition at 1:48 seems to be very repulsive. All of a sudden your voice is dominated by effects and the chord change just did not work, so i'd recommend working on that.

sorry that was kinda long-winded but thats my two bits...

~peace man

StickyRemnant responds:

2. Yea it's very quiet (even for me with my bassy headphones) in the verses.
3. Thanks :)
4. Well when we do I'll post a video on youtube or something :) that, or you can come and watch ;)

1. Whilst I am a fan of nonsensical lyrics ( I love Beck) the meaning of this song is based around the struggle for freedom - I wrote it after reading Orwell's "Big Brother" . Other than that I am pretty crap at writing lyrics ;)

2. Yea, the transition isn't the best. This part of the song didn't have much work put into it. I'm going for a kind of "Beatles-esque" change. I'll definitely be figuring how best to go about this part before recording the final version.


Unnecessary Unnecessary

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

a few things

woah... this is like sanitarium (metallica) meets gorgoroth... a few things though...
1) please, please take out the reverb on the drums at 1:18... that is really pointless, just have the drummer do a double kick roll...
2) you do seem to have been over-using the reverb, the vocals need to be heavier and the reverb is not helping it...
3)the intro is motherfucking awesome... like i said if gaahl was covering sanitarium, it would've sounded like this...
4) the transition at 3:08 is awesome... i would recommend doing a relative minor on another guitar while you are doing that riff and then maybe prolong this transition and come in heavy after that...
5) 4:05-ish sounds like cocaine by clapton and i dont know if you intended that but it definitely was ''unnecessary'' (lol..erm.. sorry, i had to)


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himenow responds:

1) I think the reverb fits the drums, gives it more atmosphere
2) Yeah, since my vocals suck I try to cover them up with reverb :P
3) Why, thank you
5), that's partly why I named this track Unnecessary. :P

&amp;lt;EagleGuard&amp;gt; Mountain Jungles <EagleGuard> Mountain Jungles

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


i apologize for starting on a negative note, but i think its kind of wrong to say this piece of music is classical just because you are using pianos (and some digital classical instruments). That is the biggest turn off for me on NG, the abuse of programs like mixcraft and fl studio...
anyway, this was pretty good. Even thuogh i did not watch avatar, so i do not know your inspiration, but I really enjoyed your mixing style. One thing i would recommend is panning. That would accentuate the chord change from a major to a (harmonic??) minor at 1:32... besides that, i enjoyed this...

EagleGuard responds:

I know it isn't exactly "real" classical music, but this is about as close as it gets to getting realistic sounding samples (I don't have a real orchestra in my backyard, so...) I used reason 4 to make this btw ;)

I think the panning was alright to be honest, but I'll give it a little more attention the next time I write a song. By the way, it goes from major to melodic minor (descending that is) :)

Thanks for the review, and the 9! Glad you enjoyed it.

Golden Mind Golden Mind

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

really good

hey man,
okay, i really love the beginning with the acoustic guitars and the piano... even the ambient loop before that was good (whammy at play im guessing?) the claps worked, added a very radiohead-ish feel to the song... around 2:25, i would take that organ-ish sounding thing out, or atleast turn the volume down and add delay to it, so it sounds like something in the far away background... i would suggest adding some xylophones maybe, or even the glockenspiel if you can, add a very delicate feeling to the song to go with the lyrics... hope that helped any...

StickyRemnant responds:

Your right about the organ in the 2nd chorus, I don't know how I overlooked that - it's completely dry and sounds far too piercing.
I'll give the xylo/gloch a try. I've kind of been put off them tho since coming to NG - they're everywhere! lol
Thanks for the review.

Mesothel Mesothel

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

heavy metal?

i dunno.. was part of this done in fl studio?? either way, this song might become somewhat tolerable if:
a) you used real instruments, it sounds digital as fuck
b) you are in Em or D im guessing?, use some harmonic minors maybe?

thats only my two bits though...

Haggard responds:

It was done with a program called "Guitar Pro" (as stated in the comments). By the time I did this it was only able to use MIDI files to play back what you entered in it.

a) Yeah, see above. I still need to find a way to record my guitar.
b) Haha, I know absolutely nothing about musical theory, I just play what sounds good to me, I don't pay attention in what key I am playing, but I guess Em is right. ^^
But as I've stated in another response, we just needed something simple for our band to practise the "playing together as a band", so there are no fancy parts in this song, it's just very straightforward.

Thanks for your input!