A Cigarette for your thoughts

2009-12-18 06:15:59 by dopedgod

To those who listen,

...and to everyone who has enjoyed our music and have taken the time to vote on it and/or review it, I present you with a rose (metaphorically). And to those who did not care, never will you find your rope. Everyone who loved us and everyone who hated us, you have helped us grow and our gratification awaits on your doorsteps. A cigarette for every unit of love we find...
Leaving on a sunday and Til i come back to Sleep have recieved some of the best and the most helpful reviews and we thank you for that

...with much more to come

P.S-"Reject the beauty before it dares reject you".

A Cigarette for your thoughts


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2009-12-18 10:59:46

cool story bro


2010-05-01 20:03:43

Speaking of "Leaving on a Sunday"...what happened to it? I was looking through my favorite audio and realized it was gone.